UK Government thus far rejects calls for DRM ban

An article by Graeme Wearden of UK ZDNet includes:

The UK government has rejected a call for digital rights management to be banned in the UK, but has acknowledged that the technology could undermine consumer rights.

A total of 1,414 people signed an online petition calling for digital rights management (DRM) — which places restrictions on how people can use media such as software or music — to be outlawed.

The government response contained marketing material from the pro-DRM camp, suggesting they are still relying on broshures rather than science for their analysis.

While our Canadian DRM-specific petition to protect ICT property rights have not received as many signatures, our petition for Users' Rights received more with 2,540 physical signatures so far. This larger petition included a call for the Canadian government "to recognise the right of citizens to personally control their own communication devices", which along with anti-interoperability technology is the core of DRM.