US lobbiests, including the US government, continues to attack Canada..

Canadians should know the pressure that US special interest groups, including US government agencies like the USPTO and USTR, are exerting against Canada. A recent CBC arts article included:

A powerful coalition of U.S. software, movie and music producers wants the administration of U.S. President George W. Bush to put Canada on a blacklist of intellectual property villains.

Michael Geist has blogged on this issue, saying that Canada is in Good Company with other countries who have more balanced laws (balanced between the desires of big media companies and the rights of creators/citizens). Howard Knopf has also written on the issue.

If not for the fact that the USA is the author of this list, the USA would be on the list itself as its lobbiests are asking for worse laws to be enacted worldwide than the USA has itself.

It is important to realize that what is wanted is not better protection for the rights of Canadian or foreign creators, but protectionism for specialized business models where US corporations dominate. The war they are waging isn't against infringement, but competition.

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US lobby on Canada

This is particularly annoying, considering the words of the US ambassador recently:

Which is it, mr. Wilkins. Is the US allowed to tell us
what to do, or not?


I believe that the hypocrisy of the US special interest groups from both the private and public sector can be seen by the fact that the USA does not itself live up to what they want to impose on other countries. The only reason the USA is not itself on the 301 report is because the list is created by the USA.

I hope that everyone reading this will write a letter to their MP to let them know that the proposals from these old-economy special interest groups, whetether from the public or private sector, should be entirely rejected.

Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) consultant.


We should start our own lobby group called CAAOC

Canadians Against Americanization of Canada.

Basicly keep US ideas for laws away from Canada.

Dont let groups like DEA guide us in a war on drugs US style.

Harper is going there.

CRIA is a puppet of the RIAA it should be called CRIAA.
It just looks after its self not the artists.

How the long can this crap go on.

They are as you put it "US special intrest groups"
and they have the nerve to say there internatonal.

BS is what I say. At least if we are put on the black list were in good company :) More on the black list the more the US will be on there own.

VIVA le Canada US FOAD ( not a politcly correct saying )

Canadian Political Parties.

We shouldn't have to create any new groups. The existing groups called Political Parties which are elected and form the Canadian Parliament should be doing this job.

I believe they would do the job, if only they were adequately educated about the issues. The best defence against special interest group lobbying is education!

One thing we should all be doing is getting as politically involved as we can. I'm deliberately non-partisan, but other people might feel a desire to become partisan. These issues should show up at every party convention, with a contingent of informed Canadians educating other party members. I've been in contact with my own MP since before he officially announced he was seeking the nomination for his party, and that has been very helpful.

Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) consultant.


Russell your right I was being sarcastic with the CAAOC.

It was ment as more of a joke inkeeping with the so called group that wants to blacklist us.

I also spend time helping my friends on DRM issues etc.

this is a great site and i let people know about it.

I am hoping to have sometime with my MP soon...working on it.

There are a lot of issues with the present goverment thats in power.

My 2 watts