Camcorder bootlegging: Government cites stiff copyright laws already in place

A National Post article by Janice Tibbetts suggests that at least the Justice Minister Rob Nicholson understands that the Canadian Copyright act is already very strong.

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson said in an interview that there is already a stiff copyright law in Canada to catch people who sneak camcorders into movie theatres for the purposes of filming for commercial distribution.

"I do point out to people that the country is not completely bereft of laws in this area," he said.

I wonder if he also knows that the Canadian Copyright act already gives copyright holders the tools to sue for unauthorized "sharing" of music, movies, and other copyright works via P2P? Maybe the FUD spread by the recording industry and the past Heritage ministers will be reduced?

Michael Geist and Howard Knopf are also quoted in the article.