Letter from constituent to Hon. Karen Redman

Lindsay Stewart wrote a letter to her member of parliament for Kitchener Centre talking about copyright issues.

During the last Federal election you knocked on my door in the Victoria School Village. You were gracious enough to engage me in a discussion of several issues. One area of concern I had was with copyright reform.
realize that copyright is a dry and unexciting area but it is vital. Recently, artists of both humble and international repute have taken a stance against the litigious and extranational interests working to undermine Canada's history of freedom of expression and fair use.
In the interest of disclosure, I am a Canadian creator of original works of music, literature and art. I am a member of SOCAN and ACTRA. As a working artist I see this as a vital issue for the future of Canadian art, artists, culture and education.

Thank you from a fellow creator, in my case of software.