CIPPIC replies: Windsor--Tecumseh Green Party candidate


;:I see that your website already has a response submitted in the name of the Green Party. I've read it, and it seems sensible and well-informed. Since this isn't my area of expertise and I believe strongly that people should be thoroughly informed about questions before expressing judgments on them, I'm just going to endorse the general Green Party response, deferring to the experts' opinion.

;:I would also like to congratulate you on your website. It contains a great deal of useful, relevant information and links. I especially appreciated the section on alternatives to an outright ban of music file-sharing - it just shows that those calling for the ban have a lack of imagination and are standing in the way of innovative solutions!

;:Thank you very much for your interest!

;:Élizabeth Powles
;:Candidate, riding of Windsor-Tecumseh
;:Green Party of Canada

Note: See to see the site Élizabeth was discussing. I don't believe she has seen our site yet. Russell