Captain Copyright R.I.P.

Today the Captain Copyright website has announced that Captain Copyright has been permanently shelved.

They have come to the realization that copyright issues are divisive and therefore "the current climate around copyright issues will not allow a project like this one to be successful."

Their conclusion is most interesting: "We truly hope that there will come a time when the copyright community – including educators, librarians and copyright collectives – can work together to provide a unbiased teaching tool that provides teachers and students with a balanced view of copyright."

There is absolutely nothing in there about artists (they seem to consider collectives a reasonable substitute) or users which unfortunately shows that they still just don't get it.

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I find this quote very

I find this quote very interesting :

We began this project because teachers told us that copyright had become too much a part of their students’ daily lives for it not to be taught in the classroom

What's really needed is a change in the Copyright Act to either (a) change it so that students' daily lives aren't impacted by it or (b) change it so that it's simple enough to understand that it doesn't matter that their daily lives are affected.


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