CIPPIC replies: Kitchener Centre Green Party candidate

From: Karol Vesely

;:Dear Friends,

;:I am an expert in Health Care and I can answer all questions about health issues, but I am not an expert in Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest relations. I can only read to you what is part of GP policy on Science and Technology.

;:* Require federal department and agencies to transition to open source orree software for general application and provide free technical support to Canadian companies who use this software,

;:* Shorten the length of software patents to seven years, to reflect software's faster business cycle,

;:* Create a national "do not contact" registry for email spam, telemarketing calls and junk mail, and criminalize spamming.

;:I hope, that I at least partially I answered your questions. For more information, please go to our website at: [ |]


;:Karol Vesely
;:Candidate for Green Party
;:Kitchener - Center