Wallace J.McLean wishes you a Happy Public Domain Day

Wallace J.McLean contributed a message to the Canadian Digital Copyright Forum posted a message on January 1'st with a message.

Today, January 1, 2004, every unpublished document whose author had died on or before December 31, 1948, has passed from copyright into the public domain in Canada.
Also today, the published works of people who had the good sense to die in 1953 have become public domain in Canada and any other country which retains the life+50 rule for copyright term.

Note: I believe that copyright should extend a maximum of 50 years from date of legal publishing, and not be tied to the death of the creator. This means that unpublished works would get 50 years from a possible future publishing date, and published works would receive 50 years regardless of when the author died. Unfortunately Copyright law in Canada and most of the world does not agree with this point of view.