CIPPIC replies: Nepean--Carleton Green Party candidate

Received from Chris Walker

;:I am a carpenter, not a regular computer user so have not given these issues sufficient investigation to offer an informed opinion and I am unlikely to do so during my limited spare time during this election.

National ID cards: What is your position on National ID cards?

;:Regarding national ID cards I am totally opposed, Firstly for reasons of personal privacy and my antipathy to any move by government towards a police state. I consider national ID cards to be a serious move in that direction. Just because the Americans have gone insane does not mean that we have to follow suit.

;:One technology-related issues I consider to be of extreme importance is the on-going battle against corporations who wish to patent life forms. I am quite amazed you chose to omit this discussion from your list, may I inquire why?

;:Yours truly,

;:Chris Walker
;:Green Party candidate for Nepean-Carleton

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Life form patents

A quick reply to your question about patents on life forms. CIPPIC is the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic, and as such is focused on Internet issues. The group of citizens at are involved in broader issues such as non-Internet PCT (patent, Copyright and Trademark) issues.

I am personally involved with the Forum on the Patenting of Life and have been invited to participate in the steering committee for Privatization and the Public Domain .

If you have more to say on life form patents please feel free to post on our forum. It will reach just the right audience for people who share your concerns. I'm glad that someone from Ontario is concerned as the only interest I have heard so far on these issues is from western farmers.

Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) consultant.