CIPPIC replies: Mississauga South Green Party candidate

Received from Neeraj Jain:

Music File-sharing:

;:File sharing itself should not be illegal. However, copyrights infringement should be. That includes duplicating copyrighted works without payment.

Educational Use of Internet Materials:

;:Any non-copyrighted material or material expressly allowed to be duplicated should be usable by all.

ISP Liability for copyright infringement:

;:ISPs should not be responsible for copyright infringement. This would be like holding a phone company responsible for illegal business conducted over the telephone!

Open Source Software:

;:I think the government should do what it can to cut costs while continuing to set a good example to all citizens. If open source software is less expensive and encourages the development of smaller more entrpreneurial business, then I think it would be a good thing.


;:It should be illegal.

National ID cards:

;:We already have several ID cards. I don't see the need for another one, unless it could serve a dual purpose.