"Open Source in Government", Friday May 9, 2003

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Subject: Invitation - Two Events on "Open Source in Government", Friday 9 May 2003, at noon in Place du Portage III, Gatineau, and in late afternoon in theByward Market, Ottawa!

Please join us to discuss open source in government with Brian Behlendorf, co-founder of the Apache Software Foundation, and one of the most significant architects of the open source business model.

Full invitation posted to CanOpenER.

The free/libre open source Apache webserver plays a major role in the Government of Canada IT infrastructure. The end of this message includes a partial list (35)of the GoC public websites that are saving taxpayer money by running on this free webserver, including http://www.canada.gc.ca. Globally, Apache runs 63% of the webservers on the Internet.

1. Friday 9 May, 12:30 - 1:45 pm

Panel Session on "Open Source Business Drivers": Open-to-the-public panel discussion between Brian Behlendorf, Co-Founder of Apache.org, and members of the Inter-departmental Advisory Committee of the "Collaborative Fact Finding Study: Open Source Business Opportunities for Canada" (Industry Canada - CIOB/TBS - PWGSC) http://www.e-cology.ca/canfloss/

Location: Mezzanine (beside escalators), Tower A, Place du Portage III.

  • Guest: Brian Behlendorf, Co-founder Apache Software Foundation (www.apache.org). Brian will describe how various organizations are achieving the benefits of open source collaborative methods for software projects.
  • Panellists:
    • Joseph DalMolin, e-cology Inc. Consultant on the joint collaborative fact finding study on open source business opportunities for Canada
    • Jérôme Thauvette, Director, Informatics Procurement Directorate, Acquisition Operations Sector, PWGSC.
    • Bruce Catley, Director, Standards, Architecture and Security Sector, PWGSC.
    • David Reid, Director, GOL & Service Improvement, E-Services Branch, Canadian Heritage.

2. Friday 9 May, starting at 5:00 pm

Informal reception with Brian Behlendorf, Co-Founder of Apache, and one-year anniversary of the GOSLING Community (formed in discussions after the Open Source Solutions Showcase)

Location: Outdoor patio at the Black Thorne Café, 15 Clarence, Byward Market. 613-241-0712.
There will be an "early-bird" 20% discount on a special food menu between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm.

To facilitate planning, please contact Ian Wilson if you will attend.


Those who attended the afternoon event will note that the panel was a little larger. From left-to-right at the table was David Reid (Heritage, Director General's office), Brian Behlendorf (Apache), Bruce Catley (PWGSC), Jérôme Thauvette (PWGSC), Joseph DalMolin (e-cology), Claude Gagné (Industry Canada, ICT Branch, Innovation Directorate).

On the panel was mainly people who were already familiar with Open Source, with the exception of Mr Thauvette who had some of the Frequently Asked Questions he wanted answered. He exchanged cards with many people attending, and will easily have all his questions answered many times over and make him also an expert.

The audience was largely people already familiar with Open Source as well, and Brian felt like he was preaching to the converted. Later in the evening at the GOSLING event he commented that the Canadian government as a whole seems to be largely converted. It was generally agreed that with the exception of small pockets here and there (largely legacy single-brand IT shops and some risk/change averse middle management) that the Government of Canada is ready for an IT upgrade. There were people at the grassroots either waiting or already deploying Open Source, and people at higher levels understanding the positive public policy implications of moving to Open Source.

We had much to celebrate at this 1-year anniversary party of the formation of GOSLING.