Copyright extremists on CBC's The Docket

Want to see how far some of the copyright extremists wish to go? CBC did a short documentary on Lesley Ellen Harris who is a copyright lawyer on a crusade. She's trying to teach people how to stay on the right side of copyright laws.

CBC The Docket on copyright airs on Thursday Feb. 27th on Newsworld, at 730 pm ET. It is re-broadcast on Sunday March 2nd at 330 pm ET.

Along with host Lisa Taylor, 3 guests debate the ideas presented in the documentary.

(Note: I first posted this before seeing the edited version of the show. Through the magic of editing, a much more ballanced debate is shown than happened during taping).

If you become enraged by the documentary and discussion, or just want to ask more questions, I recommend you go to the website for The Docket and join their on-line forum. Some of the guests will be participating in that forum to answer questions on-line that weren't able to be adequately answered in the debate.