Meeting with Ottawa South Liberal candidate David McGuinty

I have been sending messages to the campaign offices of the various candidates, but Liberal candidate David McGuinty was the first to reply. ( is running Apache on Linux). I met with him on May 14, and posted a quick summary to the mailing list.

In follow-up email messages he indicated he was not comfortable giving detailed commentary on this area of policy as it was not something he has spent the time to think about yet. This was quite honest as far as I was concerned. He did seem very interested to learn more, and happy to meet someone in the riding spending the time to keep updated on these complex areas of policy. This is not something where there is "official party policy" and different MPs from each of the parties have had quite independent thinking.

I will be trying to meet with the other candidates over the campaign, and also seeing if Mr. McGuinty would be interested to comment on more specialized questions that may come up during the campaign.

I have sent messages to our past MP as well, including a letter sent last November: HTML , PDF. I have included copies of this letter in MP packages given to other MPs.