Battles of the Motion Picture industry against citizens rights

In Norway, an entirely illegitimate trial against the author of DeCSS moves onward.

We are having the same problem in Canada with a lack of understanding of this critical communications rights issue. When I sent in a complaint about the DVD-CCA to the Competition Bureau, they did not feel the need to do any investigation or publish any information about the complaint (as they do with other complaints). I was pointed to their own Intellectual Property Enforcement Guidelines as a justification for their position.

Reverse-engineering of any file format for the purpose of creating compatible communications tools must be recognized right. I fundamentally believe that any 'hardware assist' for communications, whether it be eye-glasses, VCR's, or personal computers, must be under the control of the citizen and not a third party (See Corollary on my personal homepage)

As a submission to Industry Canada during the copyright consultation process, I documented my use of FLOSS based DVD players and how I believed what the DVD-CCA was doing should be declared illegal. Regardless of what countries declare my actions illegal, I will continue to do so as a form of civil disobedience against public policy I am simply unwilling to live with.