Toronto Star: Will copyright reform chill use of Web?

University of Ottawa Law professor Michael Geist writes in this article in the Toronto Star:

Rather than adopting an approach that facilitates the use of the Internet, Bulte's committee has called for the creation of a restrictive regime in which nothing is allowed unless expressly permitted. The result will be an Internet in which schools will be required to pay to use Internet materials contrary to the expectations of many creators.

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Letter to the Editor

Prof Geist correctly points out that the Heritage Committee doesn't seem to
consider the users of copyrighted works as being important.

The Digital Copyright Canada Forum has recognised this for some time
and has drafted a petition to ask Parliament to ensure that users are
treated as stakeholders and that existing users' rights are maintained
when the Copyright Act is amended. The petition will be presented to
Parliament when they reconvene after the election.

I encourage anyone interested to visit
to find out more.

Chris Brand

(Sent by email 31 May 2004)