Rabble Rumble: Copyright or Wrong?

The live (broadcast online) debate component of the Rabble Rumble is complete. While not entirely accurate on the position of the debaters, the following teaser was used to frame the debate:
"With advances in information and communications technology such as the Internet, copyright protection is no longer relevant or necessary." Internet consultant Russell McOrmond agrees; writer and cultural critic Susan Crean doesn't. The first of our new debates section — the rabble rumble —where you too can have your say. At last, infighting that's productive.
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If you were unable to see the video from the interface provided, the following are direct links which avoid JavaScript incompatibilities with some browsers:

Hopefully in the future some open patent and other royalty free streaming format like Ogg Vorbis will be used rather than the proprietary RealNetworks format (Which cannot be implemented in Free Software). The direction that RealNetworks is heading with Helix is promising.