GOSLING / Great Glebe Garage Sale

Getting Open Source Logic INto Governments (GOSLING)

Just a reminder that each Friday at 16:30 is the Ottawa GOSLING gaggle in the byward market. Details are at http://www.goslingcommunity.org/forum.shtml . This is an appropriate place to gather to discuss strategies for those in the Ottawa region who want to help with this campaign.

Great Glebe Garage Sale

Saturday May 29 is the [Great Glebe Garage Sale | http://www.theglebeonline.com/gca/garagesale/]. I may be able to set up a table with our [Petition for Users' Rights | http://www.digital-copyright.ca/petition/] some place near the [Peace and Environment Resource Center | http://www.perc.ca/contacts/].

If I did set up a table, will there be other people from Ottawa Center interested in meeting during the day and chat about how to get Digital Copyright issues into the election? Consider this an Ottawa "meetup" on digital copyright reform (and other PCTs, FLOSS, Creative Commons, GOSLING, etc).

If you only want to meet for a short time, lets set 11:30 as the ideal time to be there to meet. If there is a good sized group we can all go to lunch together.

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My day in the Glebe

While I wasn't able to set up a table, I did wonder around and visit with a number of the PERC people who I've known for years. A few people knew about the petition already, and 5 additional signatures were collected.

As I was heading to lunch [James Sutton | http://www.digital-copyright.ca/discuss/3036] met up with us and we had lunch. As we were heading out of the Glebe he showed me [Compact-Music | http://www.compact-music.com/] which is his favorite music store. I had heard that a Winnipeg music store was collecting signatures, so in the off-chance this store would be willing I spoke with what I believe was the owner.

Unfortunately he seemed convinced by CRIA that the whole problem with music was a flaw in the copyright act, and that once this was fixed all their perceived problems would go away. He wasn't at all interested in looking at the petition, leave alone making it available for customers to look at and sign.

It was worth a try, and I hope to learn more about why different people in the music industry (from musicians to retail) have very different ideas about what is happening. Some are on our side and agree that the problems originate with the recording industry, and some seem to believe that there are problems with the copyright act not being "strong enough" (or other such silliness).

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