Questions for Candidates (version 1.0)

The following is a questionnaire for election candidates around the important cultural and creative policy known as copyright. Your answers are appreciated as early as possible. We will be making answers available on our website as part of the materials we are presenting during this election.

The questions are based on the Petition for Users' Rights which can be read at

For each question state whether you agree or disagree, and if possible provide an explanation of why. We have members of the Digital Copyright Canada forum which are available to talk with you about these questions and our petition if you would prefer to have more background before answering.

Thank you.

  • Do you believe that the Copyright Act should be seen as a careful balance between the rights of creators and the rights of the public?
  • Do you believe that the rights of users of copyright material should be preserved in Canadian copyright law? (eg: fair dealing, public domain, home audio recording)
  • Do you believe the "50 years after author's death" copyright term should be extended, shortened, or left at 50 years? If changed, what term is appropriate to reward creators?
  • Do you believe that users and their representatives have a vital stake and should be consulted in changing copyright law?
  • Do you recognize the property rights of citizens to own and control Information and Communications Technology (ICT - equipment such as VCRs, DVD/CD recorder/players, personal and business computers, etc) for lawful purposes, even if these ownership rights may be abused by some citizens to break the law?
  • Heritage Committee recently released an Interim report on Copyright which recommended applying a levy to all content that was not explicitly marked as royalty-free. The Internet has always worked on the assumption that all work is royalty-free except that which is protected behind e-commerce features of a website(passwords and other security). Do you support the radical changes suggested by Heritage Committee?
  • Will you sign our Petition for Users' Rights, and if elected fight for our rights in parliament?