Reg Alcock: an "Open Source" Candidate?

While I live in Ottawa South, I have had the opportunity to meet with Reg Alcock a number of times in recent years. I first met Mr. Alcock to discuss Open Source in October 2002, having been told that he was the most Open Source aware member of parliament.

In May 2003 Mr Alcock helped GOSLING (Getting Open Source Logic INto Governments) celebrate our 1-year anniversary. Brian Behledorf, Co-Founder of, was in town and Joseph Potvin (co-coordinator of GOSLING), Brian, Mr Alcock and I had a lunch meeting together in the parliamentary restaurant.

As president of the treasury board, Mr Alcock has been working to help ensure that these alternative methodologies are included in government operations. I have been pushing the envelope in trying to encourage him to talk to other members of government to ensure that they gain from his experience.

Some recent letters:

* March 4, 2004: Government policy may increase trade deficit
* May 17, 2004: Open Source Logic: letter to president of Treasury Board