WorkShop: Towards a Green Party position on Intellectual Property

(This is a repost from the GPC website)

As part of the conference there will be a workshop on Intellectual Property. The idea is not to try to reach consensus on policy, but to start the conversation with greens. There are many diverse views on this topic, and a number of quite strong ideas of where the Greens should position themselves.

The format will be very free floating. I ( Russell McOrmond ) will be acting as facilitator. One method that will be utilized to keep conversation as concrete as we can will be through discussing some sample resolutions.

In the upcoming days I will be posting a number of articles to the website on this topic. As an introduction to the topic please read my Green Software: The Green Party and Free Software.

While my specialization is in the use of non-Proprietary Free Software, this workshop will hopefully include other aspects of the issue. Often it is the technology/software industry that is used to promote and justify extensions to Copyright/Patents and thus demonstration of the problems this causes in the software industry can apply elsewhere. Other such areas of interest include: Bio-Piracy, Patenting Life, The Human Genome Project, Napster and the legalization of music sharing (See my protest against Metallica ), Property and Regulation (AKA: The New Regulation-free Property promoters), and other related issues.

Please post ideas to this site before the workshop, especially if you are unable to attend, to ensure that your particular ideas are included.

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