Russell McOrmond, Consultant: Sponsor of Social Action Walk

Congratulations to Project Ploughshares, Ottawa, who had the most walkers this year!

The following is information on what was offered by Russell McOrmond, Open Systems Internet Consultant.

Social Action Walk

Russell McOrmond, Open Systems Internet Consultant, is a proud sponsor of Ottawa's 13th Annual Social Action Walk, on Saturday June 6'th, 1998.

To the organization that enters the most walkers I will be offering:

 [ Red Hat Linux ]
  • Full commercial version of RedHat Linux which includes manuals, CD, and support from RedHat.
    (Value: )
  • Two days of related consulting services
    (Value: 0, based on on the Non-Profit rate of 0/day)

Why Linux, and why Open Systems Consulting

In a world where large corporations are monopolizing the computing industry, the Open-Source movement, with Linux as the flagship operating system, aims to bring local-scale competition, cooperation and information sharing back to computer usage. The Open-Source model brings to computing issues many of the advantages for Community Economic Development that the Local Employment and Trade System (LETS) brings to currency issues.

Linux is an example of a collaborative effort made possible by the Open-Source model and the Internet. Linux is a full-featured Operating Systems that is being deployed both at the desktop to replace traditional secrets based systems such as Apple MacOS, Microsoft Windows or IBM OS/2, as well as replacing server environments based on WindowsNT, Novel, or more expensive Secret-Source based Unix systems.

Commercial grade support is offered by a wide variety of organizations such as RedHat and Caldera, as well as by local community-based consultants such as myself. The distributed nature of support actually allows any customer problems to be dealt with much more quickly than is possible with the centralized vender-specific nature of the Secret-Source computing environment.

Linux is by far the most popular Operating System used for Internet servers, and along with the Apache Web server (The most popular Web server, also an Open-Source product) makes up the largest percentage of the WEB servers you will view pages from on the Internet.

My consulting business centers around the use of Open-Source software which I believe brings many advantages to my customers over the Secret-Source model more familiar in the current computing industry. I am differentiated from my competitors by my integration of my social justice values into my business, and the level of Openness I offer my customers. I do not keep secrets from them, and offer all the information and tools that I use to my customers thus not making them a captive audience to myself.

What is the Social Action Walk?

The Social Action Walk is an annual Walk-a-Thon organized by the Peace and Environment Resource Center. The Walk provides the social change community with an opportunity to strengthen its presence, raise money and promote social justice issues. It is also a fun way to build on the enthusiasm, vitality and strength of our own groups. If you don't belong to a social justice organization, don't worry...simply donate your pledges to the group of your choice. Everyone is welcome!

An Info-Fair is also included where social action groups are encouraged to set up an information booth at Central Park (Bank at Patterson) which is also the start and end location for the walk.

For further information about the walk, please contact the Peace and Environment Resource Center.