Ongoing discussion: Microsoft in Canada

The following letter by Colin J. Williams is part of an ongoing discussion to try to convince the Competition Bureau in Canada to address the Microsoft issue. While the United States has done nothing more than offer a slap on the wrist, Canada should do much better to protect competition and consumers.

Re: Microsoft in Canada - An Open Message

Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2001 11:14:04 -0500
From: "Colin J. Williams" <>
CC: "Michael Murphy, Competition Law Officer" <>

Dear Madame Boudreau-Henri,

Thank you for your message of 10-Dec-01 [1].  I would be grateful if you could forward the message below to Mr. André Lafond, Deputy Commissioner of Competition.

Dear Mr. Lafond,

We thank you for your letter [1] in response to our email to the Honourable Brian Tobin, of 23-Nov-01 [2].

Our message was not so much concerned with allegations made in the United States, but with the judgements rendered in that country with respect to the anti competitive behaviour of Microsoft and, more particularly, the likelihood that Microsoft had behaved in the same way in Canada.

I spoke with Mr. Murphy in mid November and subsequently sent him an email pointing to the more robust treatment of Microsoft's monopolistic practices by the competition authorities in Israel.

It is good to know that your bureau is prepared to take appropriate action if necessary to redress a breach to the Act.  The key issue is whether there has in fact been a breach of Canadian law.  Our questions in this regard were set out in our letter and email messages to the Minister last August [3] and November.  We would be grateful if you could give us some indication of when we might expect to receive a response to these.

I have provided a link [4] to further information about Microsoft's anti competitive conduct.

Thank you again for acknowledging the receipt of our most recent communication.

Yours sincerely

Colin J. Williams

[1] Response Letter from Mr. Lafond, 10-Dec-01
[2] Email to The Honourable Brian Tobin, 23-Nov-01
[3] August communications to the Minister
        (a) Letter
        (b) email, with supporting information
[4] Further information to October 2001.