Liberals moved to limit debate on antiterrorism bill.

An article in todays Globe and Mail ,"Opposition attacks Liberals for limiting debate", is one of many articles discussing bill C-36. If you are not yet familiar with the most critical bill to be discussed in Canada since its founding, please become familiar quickly.

I believe the problem with the current debate is that it has been framed as a balance between a threat to physical security of Canadians and civil liberties. I believe this is in fact a balance between a lesser-and-greater threat to the security of Canadians, with a post C-36 Canada representing the greater threat.

Most have heard the phrase "power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely". To not recognize that this phrase defines the nature of this bill is to forget that the police forces who are gaining considerably new powers are human like the rest of us. They see one side of the world, criminals, day-in-and-day-out and are not given the time to think about the larger picture.

We have a way to provide balance already, and that is through judicial and public oversight of any actions of the police, and laws to hold them accountable for their actions. Where the police might try to make their own jobs easier by making liberal use of preventive arrests, a judge would be able to give events a sober second thought.

By passing this law, the Liberal government are themselves playing into the hands of terrorists. The passage of this bill will represent a threat to Canadians, our physical safety and our democracy, greater than any physical threat that a terrorist could attempt.