23 November 2001 is Buy Nothing Day

The Ottawa Peace and Environment Resource Centre hosts a Buy Nothing Day resource site.

"International Buy Nothing Day is a celebration of simplicity; it's about our shop- 'til- you- drop lifestyle on a dying planet; it's about getting our runaway consumer culture back onto a sustainable path."

September 11 and its aftermath underlines the need for this day, and presents opportunities:

  • The people of the majority world (aka Third World) are becoming more aware of how profligate we in the G8 countries are in use of natural resources, and of where and how we get those resources.
  • During times of crisis, it has always been more important to conserve for the long term and to share with each other, than to spend wastefully on immediate gratification.
  • Given the increased perceived risk of air travel, we can more easily resist peer pressure to fly, and instead take sustainable transportation or arrange alternatives.
  • Where does real security come from? What is ultimately important for our happiness? For many, the answer to both questions is a strong community - good relations with family, friends and neighbors. Perhaps it is time to count all people of the world as family.