Gas Subsidy Honesty website feedback

We received the following feedback from Walter Robinson (Federal Director Canadian Taxpayers Federation) on our Gas Subsidy Honesty website, specifically in relation to the name suggestion. This is a campaign to educate people on the full costs of our energy usage, and to reduce our taxes by encouraging these costs to be payed by the user rather than by the general taxpayer.

Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 18:58:36 -0500
From: Walter J. Robinson <>
Subject: Warning

Dear Mr. McOrmond,

I have looked at the information posted on your website
( and wish to inform you that Canadian Taxpayers
Federation is a registered trademark as are a plethora of derivations of
this name including those that employ a provincial moniker.

Your website makes clear your intention to infringe upon our trademark
and such actions will not be tolerated.
Walter Robinson, Federal Director
Canadian Taxpayers Federation
It is nice to know that they have noticed our campaign. It is just too bad that, rather than threatening a lawsuit, that they instead changed their own campaign to try to reduce our taxes.