The realities we need to face: return to status-quo not the answer!

Two articles posted to MAI-NOT yesterday contained very telling quotes of interest to those who want to think about the reality of the aftermath of the September 11 events.
"We need to respond quickly so people regain confidence and consider it their patriotic duty to go shopping, go to a restaurant, take a cruise, travel with their family," Bush said afterward. "Frankly, the terrorists win if Americans don't go back to normalcy."

Walt Disney Co. Chairman Michael Eisner also said:

"We're going to use our own media companies to make sure the word gets out that it's a good idea to have a good time after a period of mourning -- to come to our parks, movies and buy 'Snow White' on DVD," [Michael] Eisner said.
The focus of specific (domestic and foreign) policies has been on specifically debated economic policies before the event, the focus remains the same after (with the added boost that War brings to economies). Many activists for human rights recognize that this focus has been part of the cause of the hatred world wide that lead to the September 11 hate crimes!

It specifically needs to be reminded that Walt Disney Co. is at the forefront of a current attack on domestic and foreign civil liberties with the "Security Systems Standards and Certification Act" (Read more via Canada DMCA Opponents forum).

David F. Skoll, proprietor of Roaring Penguin Software Inc., summarized the US bill in a message by saying:

Here's the first paragraph of a proposed bill:

"(a) In General -- It is unlawful to manufacture, import, offer to the public, provide or otherwise traffic in any interactive digital device that does not include and utilize certified security technologies that adhere to the security system standards adopted under section 104."

This means it's *illegal* to sell PC's which do not have built-in "digital rights[sic] management", and potentially could make it illegal to use Linux.

Richard Stallman's "Right to Read" essay is looking grimly accurate...

There are also legal uncertainties relating to DVD's, and a number of Canadian citizens have brought a complaint about the DVD cartel to the attention of Industry Canada for investigation of potential violations against Canada's Competition Act.

Something to think about as one tries to make sense of the September 11 events, and the aftermath. Are the governments of our countries headed down a path that will try to stop terrorism, or are they continuing policies that will just increase the amount of hate worldwide?