Protecting Online Privacy and Civil Liberties from your Own Government

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." Benjamin Franklin

We as citizens need to remember what our governments are there for, and protecting us from threats against our growing democracies and freedoms is a big part of that. It has been said that the worst threat to democracy is a mistaken belief that it has been achieved, but it is also true that the greatest threat to our freedoms is our willingness in a state of fear or apathy to "give them up" to someone else claiming to act in our best interests.

We can debate (and have been debating) for years about the foreign and domestic policies of our governments and how they affect us and other citizens throughout the world. If we want to be able to continue to freely have these debates, and even be able to safely disagree with our government, we must act now!

We as citizens need to stand up and clearly state that we do not trust "our" governments enough to hand over the keys to freedom to them. Doing everything we can to ensure that our right to privacy, *ESPECIALLY* from nation-state governments including the one we happen to be born or currently live under, is an extremely large part of this!

A longer version of this message was posted to the Comnet-www discussion group which is one such forum to discuss these issues. That message also includes links to tools that can help.