Microsoft in Canada : An Appeal for support

Colin J. Williams sent in this appeal to encourage Canadians to ask the Competition Bureau in Canada to publish the status of it's investigation into the Microsoft anti-competative practices, or to launch an investigation if they have not already done so.

Microsoft in Canada

(An Appeal for support)

The Appeals Court of the District of Columbia in the United States has accepted the lower court ruling that, on a number  of counts, the Microsoft Corporation has breeched that country's Sherman Act.  Please see summary.

We have seen no report that the Competition Bureau for Canada has investigated the possibility that the Microsoft Corporation has conducted its business in Canada in a similarly anti-competitive manner.  Accordingly, we have sent a letter  to the Industry Minister, who is responsible for the Competition Bureau.  This was followed by an email message giving supporting information.

The purpose of this posting is to seek your support.

Please write to the Minister (Delete the cc: line if you wish to send a private message) to let him know whether you feel that the conduct of the Microsoft Corporation in Canada deserves an investigation comparable to those being made in Europe and in the United States.  Any supporting information you can provide would be helpful.

Please feel free to circulate this appeal widely.

Colin W.