Cover letter to potential clients

Personal Consulting cover letter

Russell McOrmond
440 Wiggins Private, Suite 609
Ottawa, ON
K1N 1A7
Voice: (613) 235-7584
FAX: (613) 230-1258
Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to introduce myself as an Internet Consultant, that works within an open computing environment. I believe that interoperability between communications tools is necessary to keep information flowing between you and your customers, both now and in the future.

I have over ten years experience with computer communications which includes five years experience with TCP/IP protocols and the Internet in the following key areas:

  • WEB information gateways to databases and application servers.
  • Electronic forms, WWW server scripting and automatic HTML generation.
  • World Wide Web server installation and maintenance.
  • Internet services including: SMTP/POP Email services, NNTP News services, Gopher services, FTP services, DNS/HESIOD name services including knowledge in configuring full virtual domain services for Email/WEB/etc.
  • UNIX administration including: Linux, BSD, SunOS, Solaris
  • Programming languages including: PHP, C, PERL, Assembly, SCHEME (LISP), FORTRAN.
  • Internet client software configuration.
  • File-system sharing using NFS (Network File System) and SMB (Server Message Block) - used by OS/2, Microsoft Windows[NT, 95, Workgroups.]
  • Database searching and connectivity via SQL and WAIS.
  • TCP/IP Internetworking including LAN cabling, WAN router configuration, and dial-up IP (Including PPPoE) services.
  • ISDN/DSL Terminal Adaptors and Routers.
  • Alternate network transport mechanisms including UUCP and FTN technologies.
As an individual I have many political views which include a belief in sustainable development, Human Rights, and various forms of freedom. These political views extend into my business, and it is these views which differentiate myself from many of my competitors. Much of the experience that I use for my consulting business was obtained through community volunteer work with groups such as FLORA Community WEB which I am the founder of.

If you are part of an organization that has similar views, you may find my consulting advise to be particularly relevant to your organization. Many of my clients are NGO's, non-profit or part of the public sector who are very eager to adopt progressive computing solutions which most often cost much less than their proprietary counterparts.

I invite you to browse information available on my WEB server, as this can better demonstrate my ability in this expanding field of communications.

<URL:> Sincerely, Russell McOrmond