Fortress Ottawa - making plans early

An April 28 Ottawa Citizen Headline reads "Get ready for Fortress Ottawa" as Ottawa braces itself for hosting next year's G8 summit and the expected democratic response. Will there be implications for Ottawa-based alternative media sites such as those hosted on FLORA?

From the article:

Mr. Chiarelli said he assumes fencing would be among the measures needed to ensure the safety of prime ministers, presidents and other summit delegates. And while the official venue for the meeting is expected to be the former Ottawa city hall on Sussex Drive, Mr. Chiarelli said a major complication would be moving delegates safely to and from downtown hotels.
I would wonder how there can be any connection made between "downtown" hotels and the Sussex location. How will that affect downtown activities, such as businesses located downtown near parliament (EG: Sparks St.).

We should continue to watch these reports closely.