New internet connection and new look



OTTAWA, Ontario -- October 1, 1998 -- FLORA Community WEB, a volunteer based service to the Ottawa community, announced its new sponsorship agreement with Cyberus Online, Inc. Cyberus is sponsoring a 128Kbps dedicated ISDN Internet connection.

"With this new internet connection we also want to announce a new face to FLORA", remarked Russell McOrmond, technical volunteer for FLORA Community WEB. The new FLORA home-page puts a focus on other volunteer organizations that use FLORA. This new look emphasizes the "Main St." model of community networking.

The "Main St." model will remind people of the Main St, AnyCity type of feeling. Communities were centered around a central street that consisted of a residences, business, schools, churches, and government through the Town Hall. No single aspect of the community was centered out and the strength of the community was rooted in the diversity.

The "Main St." model is contrasted by another popular community networking model called the "Town Hall" model. In this model, the focus is not on a diversity of distinct places, but of a central place where everyone is invited to be a part of. Emphasis is often on conformity and of membership, rather than on diversity and choices in affiliations. Unfortunately, as with a physical Town Hall, there are space limitations, and not all people are able to express themselves within this uniform setting.

Flora Community WEB was first established in 1995 as a demonstration of the use of community/Internet based, Free Software tools. This was an alternative to the tools used by the National Capital Freenet. FLORA was developed as an example of the "Main St." model for community networking, an alternative to the "Town Hall" model. Since this time FLORA has grown to be the communications home for many movements including sustainable transportation, homeschooling, and discussions of economic alternatives that look towards the changing future.

About Cyberus
Cyberus, established in 1995, is Canada's Premiere Internet Solutions Provider, with points of presence across Canada, providing quick and dependable dialup Internet access and related services to the public and to private sector clients. Cyberus distinguishes itself with price competitiveness, high quality personal service, strong technical service (low busy signal incidence, high speed connections -- 56K, ISDN, ADSL and T1 -- large available bandwidth, fast server link to the backbone), and high quality customer support.

For further information contact:

Russell McOrmond
Technical Consultant
(613) 235-7584
FAX: (613)230-1258
Paramjit S. Gill
Executive Vice President
Cyberus Online Inc.
(613) 233-1215