Local Peace and Environment Website encourages activism


For release July 1997.

(Ottawa) The Peace and Environment Resource Centre, dedicated to educating and helping local residents get involved in peace and environment issues, has opened up shop on the Internet. Their website at http://www.perc.flora.org contains "Action Alerts" encouraging readers to act on specific issues such as the clearcutting of Ontario forests, or the expansion of the noxious-smelling Huneault dumpsite.

The PERC, as its 400 members and 100 volunteers call it, is a registered charitable organization that provides educational and referral services on peace and environment issues. Their other activities include publishing the Peace and Environment News (PEN), conducting workshops and community events, acting as a literature distribution centre and focal point for other community groups, and maintaining a library on peace and environment topics.

Several other services are offered online. Among them are a list of local peace and environment groups and contact addresses, a searchable library books catalogue, a form to place free event ads into the PEN calendar, and a discussion forum.

The discussion forum, named "flora.perc", is accessible via Usenet and by email subscription. It has already become a convenient place for activists to issue calls to action for various causes. For example, weekly protests against Weston's support for E.B.Eddy's clearcutting of Temagami are announced there.

The discussion forum is also accessible to users of National Capital Freenet (NCF), where PERC has been an Information Provider for a number of years. Back issues of the Peace and Environment News may be found on the 'go perc' area of NCF, categorized by topic.

FLORA Community WEB is providing disk space and system administration for the website. The website itself is created and maintained entirely by PERC volunteers.

The Peace and Environment Resource Centre can be reached by calling 230-4590 or emailing perc@flora.org. PERC's office is located at 174 First Street and is open to the public Wednesday to Friday 12-6pm and Saturday 10am-4pm.