FLORA Community WEB moves to Sparks

June 19, 1996



The FLORA Community WEB, started out of a home on Flora Street in Ottawa, is now expanding. In keeping with its interest in alternative transportation, FLORA has moved to the first pedestrian mall in Canada: The Sparks street Mall.

FLORA is the home to a number of community organizations and interest groups, with a current focus on Education and environmental friendly modes of transportation. With the expansion of the Internet in Ottawa, the communications facilities of FLORA can be a great way to get your message out, and become involved in your community.

Situated between O'Connor and Metcalfe at 134 Sparks, FLORA hopes to be able to help build a better sense of community by encouraging more face-to-face gatherings that can be facilitated by this new location.

Increased computing resources will also be announced soon with the addition of a second communications server. This server will make the facilities of FLORA much faster and reliable.

For more information contact:

Russell McOrmond, Internet Consultant
FLORA Community WEB
Telephone: (613) 235-7584
FAX: (613) 230-1258
Email: russell@flora.ottawa.on.ca
Internet: http://www.flora.ottawa.on.ca/