FLORA and Freedom

From its creation FLORA Community WEB has been connected with a number of movements involving Freedom, from its initial connections with the Free-net (TM) movement to its ongoing connection with the Free Software movement.

The word ``free'' has a number of meanings. To understand the meaning most used by FLORA, you need to think ``free speech'', not ``free beer.''. While there is sometimes a connection between freedom and price when money is used to restrict access to something, the two meanings often come in conflict.

  • Some software companies will give away software at no charge, but will not provide the source code (Blueprints) to give someone the freedom to study, improve or redistribute that software. FLORA only makes use of software where Freedoms exist, and has a FLORA Server Project specifically to document and help other organizations to set up similar services.
  • Some online sites offer access to the internet at no charge, but will restrict published information and the ability to redistribute this information. (EG: A FreeNet which password protects the reading of discussion groups). FLORA endevours to make its information as easily distributable as possible, requiring passwords only where authenticity for publishing is required.
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