New Site: The Ottawa Coalition to Stop the FTAA

Join the fight against the new free trade agreement that will be negotiated in Quebec City this April. The FTAA threatens the environment, social services, and public education. It erodes our society, diminishes the people's power over their nation and gives that power to corporations.

These free trade agreements remove the powers that governments and sub-national governments have to protect their constituents and the biosphere, or if you prefer, the environment. It allows corporations to sue governments for what corporations term "business damage" - laws designed in favour of social security, health, the environment, and accessible quality education. It opens up every social service to private foreign interests and mandates that funding for public institutions be equally accessible to private institutions, with again, corporations having the right to sue if these conditions are not met.

There is something deeply wrong with the behaviour of governments in Canada and around the world. This issue does not relate to bad management or financial constraint, but to the very principals that they are showing with the signing of these free trade agreements.

How hypocritical can one be when they say this agreement is about transparency and the texts are not available to the public!

Who are we? The Ottawa Coalition to Stop the FTAA consists of people of all ages, from diverse backgrounds, both individuals and members of a wide spectrum of groups. We are residents of the Ottawa region united in our opposition to the results of globalization, the FTAA and the process which allows these things to be enacted without the people's involvement or consent. Join us!

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