CfSC February Volunteer of the Month

Citizens for Safe Cycling February 2001 Volunteer of the Month

Russell McOrmond is one of those volunteers whose contribution is, in a way, invisible. The better he does it, the more transparent it becomes. Yet, if he did not take his contribution seriously, thousands of cycling residents could notice it each day. Communications could be disrupted and activists with urgent discussions would gnash their teeth, unable to talk. Electronic vandals could run amok and tarnish CfSC's public image.

What volunteer contribution could have such an impact and yet be almost invisible? The Flora Community Network network and systems administrator, of course!

Russell has been providing free web site and mail list hosting with his professional support for many progressive, non-profit groups for four years, at CfSC has made use of the Flora Community Web to host our website and run our email list for that time. The first message in our email list archive dates back to May, 1996, more than 4000 messages ago. And since it was first set up, hundreds of thousands of residents and other cyclists have visited CfSC's web site.

When he's not sitting in front of computers Russell is also an advocate for green transportation in Ottawa, including cycling, He has and continues to be active as a volunteer in many other progressive social groups.

This month, we're pleased to shine the spotlight on the "invisible volunteer" Russell McOrmond, and thank him for his many years of support for effective communications for CfSC and other groups.

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