Petition Ottawa City Council on Resolution against FTAA

(Note: This is mostly a forward of text from the Coalition, links added at end of message)


Hello friends,

I am writing to you on behalf of The Ottawa Coalition to Protect Municipal Democracy from International Trade Pacts, an organization started by concerned local citizens.

This message is to tell you about a new web-based petition launched by our group. We are asking the Ottawa City Council to pass a resolution against the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) and any others that expose local governments to the formidable and far-reaching powers of global trade rules.

The FTAA and the GATS pose very real threats to the ability of municipal government to maintain local flexibility and to act in the interests of citizens, local business and the environment. Other municipal governments in Canada, including the Vancouver City Council, have already passed resolutions asking the federal government to work for significant reform of such deals.

We want the Ottawa City Council to take a similar stand for their constituents! You can sign the petition on-line, and read more information on this topic, by clicking on this link:

Add your name to the growing list of local residents who want our City Council to send a strong message to the federal government. Then forward this message to everyone you know in Ottawa so they can do the same!

We are also circulating paper copies of the petition and would appreciate your support in this endeavour, as half of Ottawa has no access to e-mail. Attached to this e-mail are WordPerfect (petition.wpd) and Rich Text Format (petn-rtf.rtf) files, each containing the petition and related information sheet entitled "International Trade Pacts and Municipal Democracy." Alternatively, the text of these documents can be found below (to copy and paste into another word processor) or printed from the web site listed above. On the petition page itself are instructions on how to return them to The Coalition.

For more information, contact: Armand Cote (692-0591,, Bill Van Iterson (722-0877, or Jay Fothergill (235-7747,

Keep municipal government working for us, not transnationals!

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