John Baird, Light Rail Killer

A personal post, not related to Copyright -- I have decided that since this is the BLOG I most often publish to that I will use this BLOG even when what I have to say isn't technology law/policy related.

I live in Ottawa South, the riding of the Liberal's newly appointed Environment critic David McGuinty. My city Councillor is Clive Doucet. I don't have a drivers license for largely political reasons, and am a fan of publicly subsidized public transit (and an opponent to publicly subsidized private transit).

An article in The Tyee by Laura Drake discusses the politics behind the Light Rail plan, and its recent failure. While the Charelli plan wasn't my favourite of the options available, I am embarrassed that Ottawa is the Nations capital and yet we don't have efficient (economically and environmentally) public transit. The bus system is a disaster, and even though I have lived here for more than 19 years I still find it easier to get around in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.