10% Growth in Overall Music Sales; Digital Track Sales Exceed 120% Growth

A BusinessWire press release about the Nielsen Music 2006 Year End Music Industry Report For Canada documents the growth seen by the recording industry over the last year. This is an amazing result considering the legacy majors are still not releasing their tracks in DRM-free formats, an action that has been demonstrated to increase sales. That is, despite the best efforts of the majors to reduce the value of their offerings by putting them in a DRM-defective container, the majors have still been seeing increased sales.

I am wondering what the source of the information is, and whether it includes people like me who buy directly from the label (Nettwerk, Fading Ways) or via DRM-free services like eMusic. My guess is that the Neilson report doesn't take this into consideration any more than they do independent sales at concerts.

SONYBMG Total21.56%20.70%

I suspect that the legacy major labels are worrying about the "Others" that has been steady increasing over the years. I look forward to when Universal Music Group, Sony/BMG, Warner and EMI represent less than 20% total rather than the current oligopolistic state where they represent over 80%.

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