For Sale: p2pnet

(Also covered by The Register)
Jon Newton has announced in an article that he is needing to sell p2pnet due to financial reasons. As a person dedicated to alternative media and alternative responses to the threats to average people from the major legacy studios, recording labels and "software manufacturing" companies, this will have been a hard decision.

The hope is that someone can buy the domain and keep the site running by hiring Jon to continue to be editor, with someone else taking care of the back-end such as technical and business. As someone focused on the content, Jon wasn't always the most aggressive person when it came to getting advertisers.

I hope that the site and Jon will keep going, but with a business arrangement that allows him to continue being the journalist while at the same time being able to pay the bills.

Jon has been able to attract an audience that is very valuable to our cause on Digital Copyright Canada. His audience has many people who are very upset with the way things are going with new media, with the legacy majors preferring to sue their own customers (often without any evidence of infringing activity), and attack the property rights of technology users, rather than modernize their business models.

This community has not always been able to articulate a reasonable response, which is where our community has been able to help. The alternative to allowing the legacy majors to sue everyone for sharing multimedia files isn't to abolish copyright, but to look at alternative business models : including collective licensing (Levies like what legalized commercial radio and cable TV in most countries). The alternative to just putting up with the status-quo from the majors isn't to quietly infringe copyright, but to get politically involved to try to fix the laws to protect the rights of the majority of creator and audience (from the harmful special interests of the majors).

Please consider adding a comment to the p2pnet article to let Jon, and potential buyers of the domain, know how you feel about the site.