Seasons Greetings!

I've been enjoying checking out some of the Christmas Lights displayes on YouTube and Google video. I find that the artistic and electronic effort that goes into these to be quite amazing. I'm thankful that this type of entertainment is possible, and that sharing with a larger audience on websites like these are possible. Hopefully in the new year we might finally get the incumbent industry associations, politicians, and policy makers to understand this value and encourage rather than discourage its growth.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Holidays, or whatever else you are celebrating.

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I'd hate to burst your bubble on one of those videos, but the music from at least one of those videos is by the Trans Siberian Orchestra which is a band signed under a label who is a member of the RIAA.

Proves my point

It doesn't burst my bubble, it proves my point. Is the music author (or their publisher) getting remuneration for the public performance (both in person, and the YouTube video)? Is having them or the recording label say "no" to such creativity a reasonable answer?

I'm saying that such creativity should be allowed/encouraged, and the creators involved should still be adequately compensated.

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Ah, I get your point now. :)


I did this at home not as big as some of the displays but we only heard the music in the house.

It was fun but I only had 24 channels of dimmer control.

But I can see were the artists should be paid for displays that can be seen and there music heard.

Wish there were a way to pay the artists direct instead of going through greedy middle men

My 2 watts