House adjourns until Jan. 29 -- Montreal area MPs shuffle

As expected, the house adjourned until Monday, January 29, 2007. This does not mean that MPs are on a long vacation, but that they are now in the ridings. This in fact is an appropriate time to be trying to contact your member of parliament at their riding office to let them know about your concerns on copyright.

There is also an interesting article in the Globe and Mail by Jane Taber talking about a few Liberal MPs from the Montreal area don't plan on running in the next election. These include Outremont MP Jean Lapierre, Mount Royal MP Irwin Cotler, and past Liberal leader and LaSalle-Émard MP Paul Martin.

It will be interesting to see how Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion will replace these past candidates, and whether the seats will remain Liberal or be taken up by one of the other parties. Past heritage Minister Liza Frulla is thinking of running in LaSalle-Émard, and I hope that members of our community in the Montreal area will be watching closely. Part of how I was able to build as good relationship with my own MP is that I sought him out and contacted him even before it was official he had been nominated to run in the riding.