Bob Young on ITBusiness "Podcast".'s Podcasts page includes:

Bob Young's second act (MP3 file)

The man who launched Red Hat brings his publishing-on-demand business to Canada and tells us why everybody's violating each other's patents.

Earlier this week they featured Mr. Young in Bob Young returns to his Canadian roots.

q&a The Red Hat founder launches a local version of while discussing content management, copyright and the Microsoft-Novell deal. Plus: The Tiger-Cats connection

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Letter to Hamilton area MP's

I sent the following as a letter to the MPs in the area.

Media Monitoring about Hamilton home-town hero Bob Young

(To staff reading this. Please let me know if you received this letter. Thank you.)

Dear [member name]
Member for [electoral district name]

I wanted to send you a link to some recent articles in that reference Bob Young. Mr. Young grew up and started his business in Hamilton, and has significant ongoing ties to the community including owning the Hamilton TigetCats and MRX Associates . He was co-founder and former Chairman of Red Hat (1993-2000), and is currently CEO and founder of which partnering with MRX will be expanding further into the Canadian publishing market.

Recent articles are linked via:

Mr. Young is a strong supporter of independent creators, and modern methods of production, distribution and funding of creativity and innovation. In relation to Canadian government policy, such as copyright policy, he is a member of the Canadian Software Innovation Alliance (CSIA) and the Digital Security Coalition Like many in the software industry, he believes that current patent policy around software is severely broken.

I am the policy coordinator for CLUE: Canada's Association for Open Source . CLUE recently released our Copyright Policy Summary, presenting it to officials at the Department of Canadian Heritage.

Since I work in many of the same policy areas as Mr. Young, and share his viewpoint, I would be very interested to speak with you so that you can ensure that future government policy will enable, rather than harm, the innovation that allowed Mr. Young to become so successful. I live and work in the Ottawa area, and can meet with you at your convenience in your Ottawa office.

Thank you.

Russell McOrmond
[contact info removed]

I have received replies from staffers for Chris Charlton, and David Sweet. Both indicated I should contact them when parliament returns about setting up a meeting.