Rick Mercer Report sings the Petition for Users' Rights

There was a skit this evening on the Rick Mercer Report titled "38th Parliament, First Session transcripts, sung by a choir" that involved a choir singing passages from the hansard (Transcript of things said in the Canadian house of Commons). One of the lines read was of MP Peter Julian tabling the first batch of petitions saying "The petitioners also call upon parliament to ensure that users are recognized as interested parties and are meaningfully consulted about any proposed changes to the copyright act"

I have to wonder -- is there someone involved with the RMR that would consider talking to us about copyright as "preaching to the choir"? Maybe having the petition sung on national television will convince more people to sign.

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Week of December 5, 2006

The Season 4 video is online. Title of piece is: "Video: 38th Parliament, First Session transcripts, sung by a choir".

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