Garth Turner's online poll of Canadians about motion to recognize Québecois as a nation within a united Canada.

While I don't think online polls have much value in determining the mood of Canadians (self-selecting group, can be more easily forged than other polling forms, etc), I think it is very interesting that a sitting MP in the Canadian parliament is using online tools this way. Please go to Mr. Turner's website and check out his poll, his running BLOG (That allows full anonymous comments from browsers), and his MPtv videos.

I think it would be great if more MPs were this engaged with constituents. Unfortunately for Garth few are, and there are a lot of people (myself included) who participate on his BLOG because it is a rare glimpse into parliament that other MPs aren't yet offering. Not only does he give his own views online, but his MPtv has offered video tours of parliament. This causes a volume of interactions between Canadians and this one MP that should be better shared among the other 307 MPs.