Eben Moglen at the Plone Conference on Software and Social Change

A keynote delivered at the Plone conference in October 2006 by Eben Moglen titled "Software and Community in the Early 21st Century" has been made available on YouTube and Archive.org.

From a BLOG article Steve Andersen:

He’s a phenomenal speaker, with an amazing grasp of history, and the place of open source software in the greater context of human struggle. According to Eben, we’re moving past an age of steel, an age of production and scarcity, to an age of sharing and collaboration, an age of zero marginal costs. In this new world, there is no justification for the proprietary model of software–it’s not as good (see IE7), it’s economically more expensive, and it’s is less moral than the open source model. Open source software and communities have the potential to benefit the world, particularly the poor.

I also made comments on my CLUE BLOG.

See also: Annotated Transcript by Geof Glass