Canadian Association of Voice Over IP Providers (CAVP) denounces government CRTC policy.

Since there are so many misconceptions about the announcement from the Industry Minister that they would not regulate VOIP like regular telephone service, I wanted to help draw peoples attention to a press release by the Canadian Association of Voice Over IP Providers (CAVP).


Wednesday, 15 November 2006
Winnipeg - The Canadian Association of Voice Over IP Providers (CAVP) today came out strongly against the governments intention to rewrite the CRTC's decision on regulation of Voice Over IP (VOIP).

"The government has demonstrated it does not understand the telecommunications landscape. Letting the Telcos exercise their significant market power without regulation means that competition has been dealt a serious blow." said CAVP President John Lange.

VoIP providers will now be faced with the reality that every time they attempt to switch a customer, representatives from the telco will first be able to contact the customer and offer deeply discounted rates to entice them from switching.

"The Telecom Review Panel Report, from which the government claims to draw its inspiration, makes it clear that real deregulation can only take place once policies are in place which prevent incumbents from using their significant market power to thwart competition. The minister has completely ignored that portion of the report instead choosing to implement only those recommendations that benefit Bell and Telus."

The Canadian Association of Voice Over IP Providers (, is a non-profit industry trade organization formed in October of 2005 representing Canadian based Voice Over IP (VoIP) providers and other businesses involved in the sale of Internet based voice services and related equipment.

For more information on this release or on the CAVP, please contact:

John Lange
Canadian Association of Voice Over IP Service Providers.