Electronic voting shapes up as election debacle

This morning an article on the CBC website talks about problems with voting machines used in yesterday's U.S. elections. There were staff that didn't know how to operate the machines, machines without the paper required to allow an audit and/or receipts telling voters how their votes were recorded, and major delays.

I hope Canadians are watching and realize that while technology can be useful to help during elections, it has to be done right. You need to have well designed equipment from multiple competing vendors, you need full accountability and transparency of any software (Ideal is FLOSS), and you need a voter verifiable ballot.

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FLOSS source doesn't really help

Even if the software source code is available, I don't see any way to be sure that that's what's actually running in the machine itself at the time of the election. At least, not without some sort of "trusted computing" hardware...

Ultimately, you can't beat paper. It always boots, doesn't crash, everyone knows how to use it, you can see exactly how your ballot is going to be counted, and it's easy to recount.