2006 By-elections: November 27, 2006

By-elections have been called in Repentigny (Quebec) and London North Centre (Ontario) for November 27, 2006. Close of nominations for candidates was November 6, 2006.

London North Center

Will Arlow (Canadian Action Party)
Robert Ede (Independent)
Dianne Haskett (Conservative Party of Canada)
Steve Hunter (Progressive Canadian Party)
Elizabeth May (Leader of the Green Party of Canada)
Glen Pearson (Liberal Party of Canada)
Megan Walker (New Democratic Party)


Mahmood Raza Baig (Canadian Action Party)
Réjean Bellemare (New Democratic Party)
Stéphane Bourgon (Conservative Party of Canada)
Raymond Gravel (Bloc Québécois)
Jocelyne Leduc (Independent)
Régent Millette (Independent)
Christian Turenne (Liberal Party of Canada)

Personal note: My hope is that the voters of London North Center will take an opportunity to change the face of Canadian politics. No matter what your personal views are on the Green Party, I believe you can agree that it is a much needed voice, and sending the first Canadian Green Party member, the leader of the party, would have a greater positive impact on Canadian politics than sending any other candidate.

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Media coverage

The London Free Press has a Special Reports page on the by-election in London North Center.

You can also read about the LNC by-election on independent MP Garth Turner's BLOG as he has done some campaigning for her. There is also an interesting BLOG article by Dan Baril.

Why we need Elizabeth May in the house of commons.

Dan Baril has posted an update on November 26 which includes some audio clips. If you listen to nothing else in this debate, listen to her answer to the question, "...so what's your position on abortion and gay marriage?".

This speaks to more than just why we want someone from the Greens in the House of Commons. It speaks to why parliament needs to have Elizabeth May in the House of Commons. It is clearly not just issues people think of as Green Party issues that she will be able to have a very positive impact on.

I don't know her views on copyright and new-media/new-economy issues, but I believe that her answer to other divisive issues demonstrates a way that she would approach the issue that will allow useful dialog on complex and polarized issues issues.

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