Slyck: Telus Voices Opinion on Interoperability

A Slyck article by Drew Wilson starts:

Two months ago, Telus, one of Canada's largest ISP's (Internet Service Provider,) made demands that the government should back a tougher "fair use" regime. Recently, the same company has become vocal again - this time, the CEO, Darren Entwistle, started defending interoperability and fair use.

Contrast this with what I wrote earlier about the origins of much of the current regressive copyright revision proposals.

Is Telus seeing a competitive problem with centralizing the control of communications technology in the hands of a few telecos and hardware manufacturers? Do they believe, unlike Bell and Rogers, that they can possibly become the remaining teleco monopoly after the anti-competitive shakedown that such control will result in?

Telus coming out in favour of interoperability is as forward-looking and enlightened as if a CRIA or CAAST member started to aggressively come out against DRM. Is this the shape of things to come, or an anomaly?